Hét randi plakát

The variations of men-women relationships are endless. From the sea of different versions the performance directed by Tamás Olt tells us seven stories, namely seven dates. Their starting point is common: every story begins with the act of handing over a rose and then the seven scenes go on in seven totally different directions. The one act play, written as well by Tamás Olt, is a colourful love mosaic in which we can recognize our own idyllic, tragic, humorous or even absurd love story.








Kata Szűcs

Vaszkó Bence m. v.


Zsuzsa Laczó

Stage Manager:
Gyula Sárkány

Ádám Lezó


Director: Tamás Olt


First Performance: 14. September 2013

Due to the piquancy of some scenes, the show is not recommended to children under the age of fifteen

Running time: 65 minutes without intermission.

Egyelőre ennek az előadásnak nincs kitűzött időpontja.

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Fotó: András Máthé